In 2018, Nexstar founder and CEO Perry Sook laid out his digital first vision of prioritizing newsrooms to place a true emphasis on unique and enterprise digital content.  In early 2019, his vision was made a reality as the concept was rolled out across Nexstar Media Group.  As a newly hired digital content leader at the corporate level, it was my job to help implement and execute the changes, create innovative shared initiatives, and share best practices from across the company.

The efforts in the years that followed resulted in a triple-digit growth average on video views across the company and nearly 8 billion pageviews in 2020 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to helping manage content efforts during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, I contributed to efforts as a writer. In the first 6 months of 2021, I had more than 20 million pageviews to my byline.

Over the last couple years, Nexstar’s digital infrastructure and support drastically expanded creating a powerful nationwide content network. With the launch of NewsNation and the addition of a national news desk, stations had access to more unique content than ever before. We also introduced a team of regional digital content managers designed to support and guide local efforts.

As we move into 2022, Nexstar aims to continue to evolve its approach to digital with a focus on traffic growth, serving local readers, and creating a larger base of loyal users through exceptional journalism and best practices.

Here are a few digital success stories from across the #NexstarNation:

On a monthly basis, we try to recognize the people making an impact at their stations and across the company. We call them our Digital Content Influencers:

Prior to that, we honored a person, group or station making a difference in the digital space with the #NexstarNation Digital First Impact Award.  Here’s a list of past winners:

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