Nexstar’s Digital Content Influencers for November

We’re excited to announce our Nexstar Digital Content Influencers for the month of November! This crew went above and beyond to work towards goals and help their regional neighbors:

✅ WEST: Christy Simeral is a leader constantly striving to make those around her better. Christy established goal-based daily communication so her team regularly knows where it stands. The crew at FOX 5 San Diego has experienced both MoM and YoY growth in Oct and Nov.
✅ EAST: WREG’s Morgan Mitchell worked her sources to help confirm one of November’s biggest stories. The content drove millions of pageviews for her station and the company.
✅ NE: WTEN’s Sara Rizzo hasn’t been with the station for 3 full months, and she’s already made a name for herself. Sara started mid-Sep and still managed to write her way to the station’s top byline that month — a streak she kept going through Oct and Nov.
✅ EAST COAST: Colleen Guerry is the AM digital rockstar at WFXR. She’s regularly the first to get breaking news out to readers. Colleen is consistently on the top author’s list for the digital team and has also made the Top 10 authors for the East Coast.
✅ GULF: Kevin Dudley, M.A. of KTVE has rapidly grown since joining the team becoming one of the Gulf’s top authors. Kevin is eager to learn, always maintains a positive attitude, and is described by his peers as a team player.
✅ PLAINS: KTVI’s Joe Millitzer was the company’s top author in November because of his ability to consistently discover and write engaging stories with grabbing SEO headlines. He’s also taken a lead role in facilitating better story sharing practices.
✅ SOUTHWEST: The team in Lubbock did great work sharing coverage of a major story across the company. James Clark led the way — earning the top author title for the last week of the month.
✅ MIDWEST: Vanessa Le, who recently joined Champaign’s WCIA as a digital reporter, immediately hit the ground running. She brought in major pageviews in November and consistently tackles everything with a positive, can-do attitude.

A big congrats to this talented crew! Thanks for what you do for your communities and the company!

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