I’ve always been passionate about continued education and training.  It’s critical we learn from each other, share best practices, and reinforce key things we’ve learned yet forgotten over time.

In my role as Sr. Director of Local Digital Content Strategy for Nexstar Media Group, I have the opportunity to present monthly training sessions to thousands of journalists across the company.  Our topics have ranged from morning show ideas to political planning to small tech tools to help you quickly turn content.

Most recently, we’ve been focusing on best practices from our markets as they reprioritze staff to emphasis digital.  The innovation across the #NexstarNation is inspiring!

I also enjoy speaking about digital journalism with high school and college students. If you ever need a guest speaker, don’t hesitate to reach out.

As a news director at KARK and Fox16 in Little Rock, I hosted an annual training day for journalists in our regions.  Over three years, we had roughly 75 participants from more than 15 markets.  Here are some tweets from our #NexstarTD in April 2017:

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