About Me

I work each day to be an innovative, energetic, and optimistic content leader in the digital space. As the Sr. Director of Local Digital Content Strategy for Nexstar Media Group’s Nexstar Digital division, I work with our more than 200 television stations across the country to build localized strategies, implement best practices, and create high-performing content that can be shared across the company.

Over the couple years, we’ve restructured oversight on local digital operations and boosted journalism/leadership training to ensure our newsrooms are positioned for success. It’s a practice I became pretty familiar with as a local news director for more than a decade. Before landing at Nexstar’s corporate office in Irving in 2019, I oversaw news operations at the company’s NBC and FOX affiliates in the capital city of Little Rock, Arkansas. Our team was able to create an environment that fostered growth, encouraged innovation, and produced exceptional journalism. But the road wasn’t always easy. In 2013, KARK and Fox16 merged operations. The transition proved difficult, but rewarding. In the years that followed, we experienced ratings growth, saw social engagement and digital stats skyrocket, and had to expand our trophy case.


My position in Little Rock allowed me the to opportunity to fulfill another passion of mine: training. I organized and led webinars for thousands of participants across Nexstar focusing on subjects like severe weather, elections, newscast producing, storytelling, digital innovation, and memorable morning shows. I also created an annual training program in Little Rock for journalists handpicked by news directors across our region. I adapted those workflows when I transitioned into a corporate role.


When I started my career in journalism, my goal had always been to become a news director, and it was Nexstar that first gave me that opportunity in 2008. At 27 years old, I walked into a duopoly in Abilene, Texas as the new boss — who wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing. I tried new things, made plenty of mistakes, and learned more about myself than I ever expected. During that period of time, we improved market share of the NBC product, continued the dominance of our CBS, and dramatically increased our digital footprint.

Prior to that first newsroom management position, I was in the fortunate role of producing newscasts for my home market of Dallas. I was initially hired by the CBS O&O to help launch a prime-time newscast on its independent sister station. Once that show founds its legs and I had proven to be an innovator, I earned a spot on the CBS morning show where I finessed my producing style. That style was — and still is — what some would describe as a jolt of caffeine.

That market 5 position was my second career stop. My first job in television was in Shreveport, Louisiana, where I produced just about every newscast before landing a role as the evening executive producer. In addition to sweeps planning and managing coverage of elections, I helped plan and oversee coverage during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as thousands of evacuees flooded our viewing area. While I managed the evening and weekend newscasts, my wife oversaw the morning content. More than a decade later, she and I are still bouncing ideas off each other and collaborating on creative projects.


I’m also passionate about using our platform to make our communities stronger. Over the years, I’ve partnered with dozens of charities to help raise hundreds of thousands of dollars through the power of broadcasting and digital.

In my spare time, you’ll catch me jogging the streets before the sun comes out, working out in my garage, or spending time with my daughter. I also enjoy sharing standout stories from Nexstar journalists and compelling videos across social media. Whether your platform preference is YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, you’ll find me there!

A fun fact about me: I got my start in digital and television through professional wrestling. While most college students spent the weekends partying on campus, I drove my Toyota Corolla across Texas to work in independent wrestling in whatever capacity I could. I wrote, edited, produced, marketed, promoted, and performed in dozens of shows over 4 years. 

My philosophy has always been “let’s have fun but let’s do the work.” I’m a competitive person and refuse to be outworked. I expect the same from the people around me. We should be the best at everything we do. Since being the best is a steep mountain to climb, we need to work each day to get there.

The chase for greatness never ends.

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