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Dialing into undecided voters in Abbott-O’Rourke debate – September 2022
“We want this debate not to just be something you sit back and listen to, but something you can react to; you can engage with other people so that it’s a true interactive experience.”

Journalists Happy Reporter OK After On-Air Crash, Not So Happy About Treatment of MMJs – January 2022
Austin Kellerman witnessed a discussion unfold on his LinkedIn page…

Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame Inductees Announced – January 2022
Dick Beyer, Wahoo McDaniel, Austin Kellerman class of 2022.

2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Stuns With Surprise Guests, Magical Performances
Rolling Stone – October 2021
Unannounced acts Eminem, Dave Chappelle, and Jennifer Lopez helped make this one of the most entertaining Rock Hall inductions in recent memory.

Nexstar Celebrates Its Digital Content Influencers
TVNewsCheck – July 2021
To get on the list, you have to move the needle with stories that proved to be a big success on the station’s websites and beyond.

Facebook Remains TV Stations’ Most Important Social Platform
TVNewsCheck – March 2021
“The best talent on all of those platforms work at it, they have a strategy,” said Kellerman.

Capitol Riot Aftermath Pictures, Video Show Widespread Destruction
Newsweek – January 2021
Video footage from NewsNation Now, shared by Austin Kellerman (Director of Digital Content for Nexstar Media Group), also captured the impact of the office raid.

Nooses Displayed During Riot On Capitol Hill
The Daily Caller – January 2021
Two additional pictures that Austin Kellerman, director of digital content for Nexstar Media Group, posted on Twitter revealed what appeared to be a noose set up on a gallows platform across from the Capitol building.

Border Report wins National Edward R. Murrow Award
Border Report – October 2020
In the Fall of 2019, a team of Border Report journalists embarked on an innovative 10-day reporting tour of the U.S.-Mexico border, starting at the Pacific Coast and ending at the Gulf of Mexico.

While college football figures out how to play, Annie Agar plays it for laughs
The Athletic – September 2020
“It’s only a matter of time before she’s doing something for a company or brand,” said Kellerman.

Nexstar Stations Streaming Coronavirus Information Daily
TVNewsCheck – March 2020
“With all the misinformation out there, this is a way to get trusted information out to the public.”


Podcast: The News Director’s Office
KTLA – December 2019
In this episode of the podcast, Austin shares why he decided to make the switch to digital, his philosophies on leadership, and talks about what’s next for the “Nexstar Nation.”

News anchor gets trolled after sending a company-wide email to call out sick
Mashable – November 2019
Accidentally sending a company-wide email can tank your career with one click — or it can lead to merciless trolling from your coworkers. By Friday morning, the hashtag #PrayersForNick was trending on Twitter.

Nexstar’s ‘Newsfeed Now’: Trending News, Hand Delivered
TVNewsCheck – September 2019
The idea for the digital-only show came from a brainstorm between Nolan, Sewell, and Austin Kellerman, former KARK news director who is currently the digital content director at Nexstar.


Nexstar Rallied Its Stations for March Madness Covergae
TVNewsCheck – April 2019
One of the advantages of having a national footprint of stations across the country for TV groups like Nexstar is to leverage their content together for national stories, and March Madness is a perfect example.

KARK’s Kellerman, Who Put Spotlight On ‘Babe Bracket,’ Heading Home to Texas
Arkansas Business – February 2019
Kellerman announced he’s going home to Texas ending a seven-year stint of directing Arkansas news coverage and drawing attention to issues running the gamut from violent crime to the “Babe Bracket,” a Little Rock radio feature he saw as an anachronism.


From Freelance Reporter in Little Rock to Court TV
TV Spy – January 2019
Austin Kellerman says she didn’t have the “perfect resume” for his reporter opening but she had passion and that passion crossed over into news.

After Workers Apologized for Getting Pregnant, Male Manager Has Applause-Worthy Epiphany
Working Mother Magazine – January 2019
It made that news director, Austin Kellerman, realize something was very wrong if such happy personal news came with an apology to him.

A Little Rock TV Station Denied Nazis News Coverage
Poynter – November 2018
But, Kellerman said, “There were probably more people at the food court at the mall than showed up at the Capitol.”

Do What You Can to Counter Hate
El Dorado Times – November 2018
Movements don’t thrive and gain steam where they are not welcome. Kudos to KARK for slamming the door on hate.

KARK Goes RVing To Introduce New Anchor
TVNewsCheck – August 2018
I have never seen a more unusual, creative and fun way to introduce a news anchor to a new position.


Bye-Bye Babe: A Controversial Contest Goes Nameless
Arkansas Business – February 2018
The Babe Bracket had drawn questions about once every five years, Acri said, but KARK News Director Austin Kellerman ignited the current uproar early this month with a blog post saying that the contest should end.

Radio Station Blasted For ‘Babe Bracket’ That Ranks Female Journalists On Looks
Huffington Post – February 2018
“The days of referring to educated women who serve as role models to our children as ‘babes’ are over. It’s time to evolve with the times,” said KARK news director Austin Kellerman.

KARK Hosts Third Regional Nexstar Training Day
TVNewsCheck – April 2017
The annual training day is the brainchild of KARK News Director Austin Kellerman and Jerry Walsh, Nexstar’s director of local content development.


Watch TVSpy This Week to See How One Local Station Owns Facebook Live – March 2017
In this episode of TVSpy This Week, we talk to Little Rock NBC and Fox affiliate KARK-KLRT about owning the market when it comes to Facebook Live. Find out why they say it fits into what you’re already doing in the field.


News Director Looking for Solutions After 2 Toddlers Die in Shootings
TVSpy – December 2016
Little Rock, Ark. news director Austin Kellerman is fed up and looking for solutions after two toddlers were shot to death within weeks of each other.

KARK Leads Little Rock Social Media by a Hair
NetNewsCheck – December 2016
It’s a neck-and-neck race for Nextstar’s KARK and Tegna’s KTHV in Little Rock, Ark., where the former holds a razor thin lead on social media performance according to Shareablee data. Both outlets explain that Facebook Live is a key emerging tool in stoking engagement and powering their performance.


KARK Channel 4 Wins Local ‘Cage Night’ Election Battle
Arkansas Business, November 2016
Austin Kellerman, news director for KARK and its sister station, KLRT, known as Fox16, said the station had made political reporting a top priority over the past years. “From hosting debates to series on medical marijuana to exposing issues in the election process, we positioned ourselves for these results.”

KARK Little Rock: A Facebook Selfie
TV News Check,  November 2016
“If the news director plays a key role in what we do on social media each day,” said Kellerman, “it sends a clear message on its importance in our newsroom. Social media is the fastest-growing platform for our content, so it’s a key focus of our team.”

Catholics You Want to Know: Austin & Laura Kellerman
Arkansas Catholic, January 2016
“Being there when they need someone, whether it’s a severe weather issue and you’re giving them lifesaving information to protect themselves or whether it’s educational things that help them make decisions on where they take their kids to school or safety trends; I enjoy that aspect of it. For us, it’s something new every day.”

Millennial Leadership Changing the Management Game
CBN News, July 2015
Knowledge of all things digital stands out to companies needing to compete in that arena. That helped seal the deal for Austin Kellerman, who took the job of news director at Little Rock’s NBC and FOX television stations.

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