No one can seem to agree on these social media quizzes

We’ve all come across social media quizzes or brain teasers that throw us in a tizzy. We think we have the perfect answer until we start reading the comments, right? Here are a few examples of just that. How many do you think you have the right answer for?

I’m honestly not sure what the correct answer is here. Each time I look, I seem to see a new duck.

Answers seem to range between 10-20. And in the comments on the Facebook posts, plenty of people commented more than once after spotting another duck.

I give up!

This one is more of a brain teaser.

“It was Clifford the Big Red Dog and he jumped it,” wrote Bryan Watson.

No, that’s not the answer — but it’s a good one!

In this case, the river was frozen!

This is not brain teaser but people in the comments can’t agree on which concert they’d see.

In fact, I keep going back and forth on my choice. In the end, I think I’m going to have to go with The King of Pop.

This is another one where I’m not quite sure what the actual answer is. And I’m not alone!

“This drives me crazy. To me the answer would be 16, but evidently that’s not right according to so many contrary answers. PLEASE tell me how it’s done,” wrote Judy Fager.

Judy, I wish I had the right answer for you!

This is another one that had people going crazy in the comments!

“6 or 8 if the front holes go all the way through which I’m guessing they do cause of color,” wrote Mike Ringer.

From my standpoint, the answer is 8. What do you think?

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