Who are Peggy and Molly? Meet the viral dog and bird duo

I share a lot of unique and interesting content on Facebook, but the clips that seem to gain the most consistent traction feature a dog and bird duo from Australia name Peggy and Molly. Whether they’re playing around like little kids or lounging like a couple of grandpas, the pair certainly has a compelling relationship that makes for shareable content across social platforms.

The clips are often flooded with comments about how the dynamic duo met and how they regularly interact, so I reached out to the humans in their life to get background on the pair.

And how they met is an incredibly interesting story…

During the coronavirus lockdown in September 2020, Reece Mortensen of Queensland, Australia was walking his English Staffy Peggy in park when they came up of a fledgling baby magpie. Reece watched the little bird for awhile before realizing it didn’t have any help in sight. When Reece learned over to check on the bird, he knew they’d be a match. The bird ran up his arm and ended up resting on his shoulder. He decided to bring the bird home and nurse it to health.

At first, Peggy and Molly didn’t get along too well. Despite Peggy being much larger, she was scared of the tiny magpie. In the weeks that followed, the pup got more comfortable and the duo started lounging around together — and then some.

“At around 4 weeks, they would lay next to each other and snuggle together,” said Juliette Wells, who shares the animals with her partner, Reece. “Then Peggy was producing milk for the bird and the bird was drinking it!”

Like you (probably), I wondered if this was even possible — and there are other accounts of it happening. Vets labeled it a phantom pregnancy. The DailyMail covered Peggy and Molly pretty extensively in November 2020.

“It’s crazy to think that this could happen, but it just shows their amazing bond,” Juliette told the DailyMail at the time.  

After watching the pair interact in the weeks that followed, it was clear the world needed to see it on social media, so Juliette and Reece began putting out more content. Peggy and Molly’s personalities started to shine through.

“Molly is always doing things to Peggy to get a reaction,” Juliette said. “She’ll run past Peggy while she’s asleep and peck her on the nose and run off — or she’ll try to put live worms inside her ears. She really is a character.”

Juliette thinks the pair has a compelling connection for the same reason some marriages work: you pair an extrovert (Molly) with an introvert (Peggy). Peggy recently had a litter of pups and Ruby (seen below) was added into the mix. That creates an entirely new dynamic with the bird playing what Juliette describes as an “aunty” role.

And while Juliette would love to see their story told on the big screen one day, she and Reece are just aiming to bring a smile to your face through their social posts.

“I don’t really have a goal for the page,” Juliette said. “Just to spread that little bit of joy and happiness to people’s everyday lives in these uncertain times.”

You can follow Peggy and Molly by clicking here.

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