Nexstar’s Digital Content Influencers for July

We want to highlight #NexstarNation digital content folks who’ve gone above and beyond to work towards goals, improve their station’s digital content offerings, and assist their regional neighbors. 

These are our Digital Content Influencers for July! 👏 👏
⏺ East: WCMH’s Kristine Varkony chased down a viral TikTok video of a momma deer running to check on a crying newborn human baby, which cleared it for use for all our stations on air and online. Her story netted hundreds of thousand of pageviews across the company.
⏺ Midwest: WTWO digital reporter Joe Schroeder has taken on extra responsibilities to run the digital efforts for He’s been pulling double duty to gather content, write web stories and cover analytics with a great attitude — just months after joining the station.
⏺ Northeast: WETM’s George Stockburger VI is a content powerhouse who knows how to write for his audience. In the first three weeks of July, his stories brought in a majority of the traffic on
⏺ Plains: WDAF digital producer Heidi Schmidt is this month’s top Plains author. She is responsible for a good deal of her site’s top-performing stories, as she aggressively pursues content projected to overperform.
⏺ Southwest: Josh Hoggard played an impactful role in KFDX owning major developments in a major story. His efforts led to seeing the highest traffic day since Covid-19 shutdowns were announced, back in March of 2020.
⏺ Gulf: Zach Hester of WHNT wrote a story that was a huge hit with search audiences over the course of the Fourth of July weekend — which tends to see a dip in traffic. 
⏺ East Coast: Digital reporter Braley Dodson at WBTW builds deep database reports and analyzes key topics in that market, and produces at least two fun and local listicles a week that are popular and grow pageviews.
⏺ West: KDVR digital data reporter DJ Summers creates unique and compelling enterprise stories with interactives for his market that can often be shared and localized across the country. 

Congrats to our first winners and thanks for your outstanding effort and contributions! 

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