Proud Dad Moment: A Message of Thanks

My 10-year-old daughter Kate has a gift for making other people feel good. When she meets someone new, she often goes out of her way to compliment them, ask them about their day, or tell them she appreciates the job they’re doing.

I could take a few lessons.

This past week, I was a little grumpy after waiting 20 minutes in a hotel check-in line. Kate, not so much.

She engaged with the woman at the desk, asked plenty of questions, and then told her why she was “the best hotel check-in person we’ve ever had.”

The next morning, we woke up to this thank you note on our door. It was a proud moment — and a reminder of how lucky I am to be her dad.

And to Reagan, I’m going to bet you’ll be running that hotel (or maybe the country) one day.


One thought on “Proud Dad Moment: A Message of Thanks

  1. I’m so sure your daughter learned that from her parents. Children who were taught by watching and emulating their parents are always a reflection of their parents. People who are kind and respectful are the ones who will change the world 🌎. I’m proud for you, you must realize what an incredible job you have done. She has a beautiful heart.


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