When You Aren’t Meeting Your Goals…

When 2018 started, I set a goal to hit personal bests in weightlifting and running — within the same general time period.

But when I looked at the picture taken of me during Little Rock’s Firecracker Fast 5k (above), I saw someone who wasn’t even close to meeting his goals. While I was stronger than I was in January, I was also much bigger.

After completing a Whole 30 to begin 2018, I was 184 pounds on the scale.

On July 12, I was 204 pounds — the biggest I’ve ever been. Looking at this image, it was more than clear I needed to make some changes if I still hoped to meet my 2018 goal that included a half-marathon PR.

I could tell you all the reasons how and why I got to this point, but I’m sure you already know them.  We’ve all been there.  And quite frankly, they’re all excuses.


So what now? It’s put up or shut up time.

With five and a half months left in the year, I believe attaining the goal is still possible. A little accountability by posting about it in a blog couldn’t hurt, right?

I started a Whole 30 this weekend.  When it’s over, I vow to eat clean for the rest of the year (minus one weekly cheat meal).

I signed up for a half marathon on December 1. Training starts Monday morning at 4:30 a.m.

I need to work harder at night in the gym. I often allow work, social media, and other things to distract me. I’ll be buying a small journal to track workout progress and calorie intake.

It’s time for discipline.

It’s time for progress.

It’s time to finish 2018 strong.

Feel free to follow along the journey on Instagram. I’ll use the hashtag #Finish18Strong.

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