Make Twitter Great Again: Can Trump Rescue Struggling Social Platform?

Its stock has tanked. It’s not growing fast enough. Its managers can’t seem to innovate.

Most analysts will tell you Twitter is in trouble. It needs a spark…a resurgence. Enter Donald Trump.

It’s an unlikely partnership to say the least. The conservative president elect’s favorite way to communicate to the public is through a social network accused of leaning liberal. They say opposites attract. And this is a marriage that just might work.

Bottom line: when Donald Trump tweets, the world listens and reacts. As Corey Lewandowsky, Trump’s former campaign manager, told the Washington Post, “in 140 characters, he can change the direction of a Fortune 100 company, he can notify world leaders, and he can also notify government agencies that business as usual is over.”


WaPo notes Trump’s tweets over the last few weeks have resulted in Republicans pulling plans to weaken the Independent Ethics Watchdog, Toyota’s stock price falling, and a surge in sales (by her historical numbers) for singer Jackie Evancho.

Once in office, aides say Trump plans to use Twitter to make key policy announcements. It essentially ensures the company’s relevance – and that’s exactly what Twitter needs.

In the last year, Twitter has grown at a rate of roughly 4 percent, according to TechCrunch. At the beginning of 2015, the platform was increasing users by roughly 20 percent. That’s a massive drop in new interest.


A chart on revenue growth would look fairly similar. While the company is making hundreds of millions of dollars each quarter, it’s barely increasing revenue. Because of that, Twitter laid off 9 percent of its staff.

Twitter needs a boost. It needs new users.

People on social media want be in-the-know. They want to know what their president is thinking.

Meet the improbable tag team of Trump and Twitter.


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