Nexstar Becomes Nation’s Second-Largest Broadcaster

It’s a big day for the home team as Nexstar closed on the purchase of Media General.  The merger takes the company’s total stations to 171 in 100 television markets. The new Nexstar Media will reach 39 percent of U.S. households.

It’s pretty wild to think this all started with current CEO Perry Sook purchasing a single television station 21 years ago. Over two decades, he’s turned his ambition into a publicly traded company and now the second-largest broadcaster in the nation.

On a day like today, I think back to an afternoon staff meeting in Shreveport in 2004.  Mr. Sook came to town (there were only a few stations at the time) and asked to address the troops. I recall listening to him paint a picture of a bright future for Nexstar: full of expansion, growth, and opportunity.

I guess he made good on that meeting.

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