‘Do it the Burls Way’: Even when no one is looking

Do it the right way — even when no one is looking.

Following the death of Razorback walk-on turned NFL draft pick Brandon Burlsworth in 1999, University of Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt coined the phrase “Do it the Burls Way.” It’s the way Burlsworth lived his life before his untimely death in a car accident.


While it’s a phrase used to motivate football players, it’s a great way to live life.

When no one’s looking, it’s easy to take shortcuts.  It’s easy to get distracted.  It’s easy to be complacent. When we do those things, we don’t grow.  We don’t improve.

How did Burlsworth, who was told he’d never play a down for the Razorbacks because he was too small and too slow, end up being a 1st team All-American?  Because he refused to take the easy road. He worked for everything he earned.

I spent New Year’s Eve 2017 watching Greater, a movie about Burlsworth’s life and legacy.  It won’t be the greatest cinematic experience you’ll ever have, but it will move you.   It’ll inspire you to work harder, dig deeper and be a better person.   Not a bad way to start a new year.

Maybe you already know Burlsworth’s story.  Let’s keep his work ethic in mind as we live our lives and set goals.

If you aren’t familiar with Brandon, make the effort to help his legacy live on.  Watch the movie and make the commitment to approach life the Burls way.

(Images in this post are from the Burlsworth Foundation.  Click here to learn more about the many programs supported by the charitable group)

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