8 images that make us miss the old days

Social media is a great place to celebrate nostalgia, right? I mean, anyone will tell you that things were better in “the old days.” so you may as well commemorate that golden era of your life whenever you can.

Here are a few fun social media posts and images that’ll have you thinking about better times.

To start, forget Nintendo Switch! This is how we used to roll.

Go to Sonic for happy hour? Heck, we used to drink out of the garden hose for fun. In some cases, whether we wanted to or not!

Be honest, this picture creates a pain in your rear. Even so, you miss those seats.

At home sick? This was your go-to. Especially Bob Barker!

I just burned the bottom of my legs looking at this picture.

I just hurt my back looking at this picture.

VR googles? No thanks. We had this bad boy…

When that came out, you knew it was time to try and get invited to a friend’s house. Chili or soup for da…weeks.

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