Do dogs actually enjoy wearing sweaters?

This holiday season, my wife pulled out a Christmas sweater that belonged to our old dog. Surely, our new pup Pepper would treat the outfit the same way our previous dog did — absolutely hating it with every ounce of his soul.

To my absolute shock, he seemed to love it!

Was it possible for a dog to actually like these things? Apparently it was. In the days that followed, he didn’t seem to want us to remove it. In fact, he liked it so much my wife bought him a new one for the winter season.

I was surprised enough by the development to post about it on Facebook. And you know what? There are other dogs out there who love their sweaters just as much!

“My girl loves her pjs,” wrote BJ Dean. “She struts her stuff when she is wearing them!”

“Our dog LOVES wearing her coats,” commented Christian White. “She’ll come up to us and stand completely still while we put it on.”

“She lives in a sweater all winter,” Candice Peavler wrote about her pup. “We have a few and switch them out for a wash.”

Who knew? I certainly did not.

Here are a few of the clothed pup pics I receive after posting a picture of my dog.

Does your dog regularly wear a sweater or jacket? Give me the skinny in the comments below.

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