These images remind us our pets are the best

If we ever need to feel better or get a laugh, we can always count on ours pets.

The internet is full of memes celebrating their silliness, humor, and unconditional love. These are a few of my favorites that I’ve shared on my Facebook page:

Don’t lie. You know you chuckled when you looked at that!

I can’t imagine the little guy did that on his own, but even so — it’s pretty darn cute!


Happy about being dressed like that? Absolutely not. But doesn’t that make the picture even better? What a good sport!

Now you know he wasn’t happy when the bed was unboxed and looked more like a toddler floor mat. But nevertheless, he tries to make the most of the situation.

Let’s hope he gets a normal-sized bed for his birthday.

This poor fellow was born with an unlucky look, but I have no doubt his owners get a good chuckle on a daily basis.

Nice to see a cat with the same haircut I had in 4th grade.

And he should be! What a piece of art! Well done, Boomer.

Boomer’s mom needs to place that over the fireplace for all to see.

When people talk about puppy eyes, this is what they mean. My goodness!

Not everyone was happy with my “give him whatever he wants” caption. One lady was quick to tell me that will lead to long-term issues. Gee, it was just a joke.

Clearly, the cat isn’t happy, but he’s still posing — so he’s the MVP in my book.

By the way, someone get a trophy for this pet mom. Picture of the year!

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