7 photos sure to mess with your mind

Sometimes you come across a picture and you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking at. Or sometimes, you see one thing and someone else sees something entirely different.

That’s exactly what you’re about to experience looking through these next few images. Ready for a mind trip?

When I first saw this months ago, I just couldn’t see the wall. Looking back on it now, I have trouble spotting it. My wife was able to see it instantly. Can you?

This one may mess with your eyes and mind! When I look, I see spinning discs.

Others, like Elsibie Kukuk, see something entirely different: “I can see it Marilyn Monroe in the picture.”

Where does little guy end and the big guy begin?

We’ll give Joanna Brice Sweitzer the “win” for this response: “A tiny pup with a tail so large it looks like a German Sheppard.”

On an initial glance, this one might freak you out. Is it a deformed dog? Something else?

Try tilting the photo sideways.

“OMG…I thought it was abused dog with hole in his head 😆😆😆,” wrote Facebook user Carolyn Duk. “Glad it’s not!”

This one may just drive you crazy. The first time I glanced at it, I thought I was seeing a child with the world’s skinniest legs. Is that what you see?

“Yes, now I also see the big bag of popcorn hiding parts of both her legs,” wrote Nancy Ryder. “Good eyesight!”

“A dog running out of the woods and a white dog in the tree,” wrote one user.

“A big dog. Wow,” added someone else.

Which do you see? And do you see anything in the trees?

Now I still have trouble believing this picture is the real deal. I mean, what are the chances?

From Magda Hansman: “A cat with the pattern of another cat in its fur. Doesn’t seem to mind having a cat on its back!”

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3 thoughts on “7 photos sure to mess with your mind

  1. Great photos. I finally saw the wall. Maryilyn Monroe was easy to see her big breast. Ha!! No not really!! Some just jumped out to me.


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