10 things men should never say to a woman

The first thing I said to my wife the other day after we both woke up? Not “hello.” Not “did you have a nice sleep?” Nope. I said, “I think the bathroom needs to be cleaned.”

I quickly realized the error of my ways and muttered, “and also, good morning.” However, the damage had been done.

Clearly, I’m not the first guy to do this. As men, it’s like we’re somehow conditioned to put our foot in our mouth.

I recently asked on Facebook, “what’s something men say that makes women angry?” The responses came flying in and here are a few of my favorites:

  • I’ll do it later – I mean, what guy has ever said this? Ok, I’ll admit it…
  • Calm down – Allison Eve said her husband says that so often her 4-year-old repeated it saying, “that’s what dad always tells you.”
  • Let me make this simple so you can understand – This one got plenty of responses. I’m going to guess the man who said this quickly had his mouth shut.
  • You are overreacting – A number of women brought this up, so it’s clearly a hot button — and clearly a problem.
  • Saying they’re babysitting – Hannah Mary got plenty of laughs for the comment, “saying they’re babysitting and it’s their own children.”
  • What did you do all day? – That’s a ticket to a night on the couch is what that is…
  • You’re just like your mother – I don’t even need to comment on this. Don’t go there, y’all.
  • That’s enough already. Let it go. – You’re not dealing with Elsa.
  • You look fine! – On the surface, that sounds fine. However, Sue Mollica says this happens to her and the guy hasn’t even moved his head up to look at her.
  • Mentioning that time of the month – Based on the comments, guys like to mention that when a woman is emotional and question whether that’s to blame. Bad move, men.

Of all the comments, it sounded like Alex Byaruhanga had the right idea.

“I am just gonna read the comments and get some hints. Maybe I will try avoiding being a pain in the backside to someone’s daughter,” he wrote.

Smart move, Alex. Teach us your ways.

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