Setting a Goal: 365 workouts in 365 days

I’ve always found fitness to be a stress reliever for the grind of the work week. I often do my best thinking while out on a run or am able clear my head during a good workout.

Working in digital content with local newsrooms, 2020 warranted some moments to decompress.

I made Camp Gladiator‘s virtual workouts part of my regular routine during the pandemic and decided to continue into 2021 and stay out of gyms until more people had been vaccinated. I wanted to set a goal when 2021 arrived. During the winter break, I was able to squeeze in quite a few two-a-days. Was it possible to average one workout a day in the next year? I decided to find out.

Obviously, I can’t work out every day — and that means finding a couple times a week to knock out two workouts.

Though it’s been challenging, I’ve been able to make it work so far. In the two-and-a-half months of 2021, I’ve worked out 83 times.

Will I be able to keep it up? I’m not sure. But I have a goal to work towards and something to accomplish. And putting it out there for everyone to see can’t hurt for that accountability, right?

I’ll try to keep folks updated on Instagram.

Here’s more on why I like Camp Gladiator and how it’s helped me navigate the last few months.

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