Slice of hope: How to get a free pizza during the holidays

Earlier this year, I used social media as a platform to provide pizzas to folks who could use a helping hand during a pandemic that’s been very difficult for millions of Americans. Is a pizza going to save the day? Absolutely not. But a free meal can provide some temporary relief and remind people there are people out there who care.

If you scroll through my social media accounts, there’s no shortage of “bad news” about COVID-19. Quite frankly, it is what it is. So I see this as a way to throw a little positivity in the mix — especially during the holidays.

Through the end of the year, I’ll use my social channels to promote when dinner is on me. If you could use a meal, keep an eye on my Facebook page. I’ll occasionally post about a giveaway and you can comment on the respective Facebook thread. Know someone else who could use the helping hand? Tag them or send the post their way.

When I did this a few months ago, the experience was really inspiring. Over a period of a week, we shipped pizzas to Oklahoma, California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New York and Arkansas.

My plan is going to be to send out 10 meals during December — but that could always change. Earlier this year, Dr. Adriana Castro in Miami saw what we were doing and decided to pitch in! She sent me a note saying she wanted to pick up the tab for a dinner.

Her pizzas went to a father and son in Little Rock. After learning they’d have a meal coming their way, I got this note: “I truly do appreciate it. These have been trying times. I just buried my mother this week. She was the first healthcare worker from JRMC in Pine Bluff to pass from the coronavirus, so we do really appreciate it.”

That wasn’t the plan, but damn…

To everyone who says there’s too much negative content, misinformation and just plain “dumb stuff” on social media, you’re right.

But it can also be used for good — allowing us connect and unite. 🙏🏼

And maybe, provide a slice of hope.

Merry Christmas!

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