Looking back at Digital First in 2019

Each week, I send a note out to digital leaders and content creators in Nexstar Media Group with important initiatives, best practices and key dates.  To close out 2019, no note was needed — just a thank you.

Thank you for the outstanding effort in 2019 as we rolled out Digital First across the #NexstarNation. You and your hard work brought the vision to life, and you exceeded expectations through creativity and innovation.

Thank you for thinking outside the box. For years, we’ve largely followed the same workflow. In 2019, you challenged yourselves and newsrooms to think differently.

Thank you for taking risks.  Many of you were involved in restructuring your newsrooms; others may have reexamined his or her career path to focus on digital.  Change isn’t easy.

Thank you for sharing your success. We’ve all learned from each other over the last 12 months. Many of your great ideas likely sparked similar initiatives in newsrooms halfway across the country. One great accomplishment can easily lead to another.

Thank you for making Digital First a priority. It’s been rewarding to see the fantastic journalism being produced exclusively for our digital platforms. This doesn’t happen without strong leadership inside a station.

Thank you for being a pleasure to work with. Nexstar has some of the absolute best leaders and content creators in the business. It’s been fantastic to collaborate with you. I have no doubt even bigger and better things are ahead!

I put together a video to highlight some of our Digital First accomplishments over the last 12 months. 2019 was a good year. You might say it was…

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