Lack of Transparency in City of Jacksonville Concerning

Over the last few months, it’s been difficult to get any answers from leaders in Jacksonville about what’s happening in their city. After Thursday night, it appears things will only get tougher.

The Jacksonville City Attorney, who is also serving as the city’s police director (yes, you read that correctly), will now become the point-person for all law enforcement matters. The previous public information officer been reassigned. From this point forward, all communication goes through Robert Bamburg.

Quite frankly, that’s a problem. And here’s why…

Since July when Bamburg took over the position of police director, we’ve requested countless interviews to discuss the direction of the department. Interviews have either been denied or call not returned.

And now he’s going to be the city’s conduit to getting critical information about public safety to Jacksonville residents?

It’s questionable whether Bamburg should be in his role in the first place, as Mitch McCoy has been reporting. It’s important to note the city attorney is an elected position in Jacksonville.

Our team has continued to press the issue. That work continues.

All this comes after the Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police voted “no confidence” in Bamburg and Mayor Gary Fletcher — and school resource officers were removed from campuses with very little notice.  The second matter was resolved Thursday evening.

The people of Jacksonville deserve a more transparent government, police officers should have confidence in their leaders, and parents should feel their elected officials are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their children.

As a tax-paying citizen, you have the right to know. You have to right to know where taxpayer money is going, how the public’s business is being conducted, and what actions elected officials are taking.

To the citizens of Jacksonville, you live in a great town. Don’t be silent. Demand better.

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5 thoughts on “Lack of Transparency in City of Jacksonville Concerning

  1. Jacksonville Boycott.
    Public · Hosted by We Are Jacksonville’s Forgotten and Neglected, We Will Not Stay Quiet.Want to fight back Jacksonville Arkansas, They don’t want to do right by our police department our schools our Park and Recreation hit them in the pocketbook. Jacksonville boycott no more spending money in Jacksonville. Go to the next town to buy your groceries your gas everything. If they’re not going to spend our tax money properly and quit wasting it. Then they don’t get our tax money.


    1. Forcing businesses to close through no fault of their own is short sighted. How about a three day boycott to prove your point, or just boycott Wal-Mart. Patrons are essential to keeping businesses open. Once closed, most won’t be back.


  2. The removal/reassignment of the Oliver’s did not follow city and police policies as to procedures for job vacancies. This should have been brought to the civil service commission for adjucation.


  3. I would seriously like to know how we got to this point. The Mayor has made a laughing stock of our city and what makes it so bad is the City Council is just as guilty. They’re not there to make a difference. Just there to be there. Especially Bolden, McCleary, Sansing, Mashburn, and Collins. ALL IDIOTS!!!


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