Trump “Enemy” Trickle-Down Effect Creates Concern for Local Newsrooms

Anyone who’s worked around me knows I’m not a political person.  I don’t get involved in  debate.  I don’t take sides. I strive to present facts.

To be fair, I understand why President Trump would be upset with some mainstream media outlets.  However, I have concerns with POTUS labeling these traditionally trusted news sources as “the enemy of the American People.” There will be a trickle-down effect and that will impact smaller, local newsrooms across the country.  We’ve already seen it with “fake news” stories.

These local newsrooms are full of great human beings.  These newsrooms aren’t out to “get” the President.  They’re not trying to push an agenda.

The mission of these newsrooms is to create an informed public and make the communities they serve better. And that’s exactly what they do — in and out of the office…

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