TV Treks: Sports Turned News Anchor Does It All

Want to make an impact in a television newsroom? Be able to do it all.  And well.

That’s one of the reasons KARE-TV’s Dave Schwartz has found success during his 15 year broadcasting career. As our business has changed and evolved, so has he.

15726916_10154866222744568_5291798716156840412_nHe’s one of the few people you’ll find in the country who anchors both sports and news.  He can shoot, edit, story-tell, anchor, and write.  He also knows how to make an impact on social media and is a definite “must follow” in his market.

For all those reasons, Dave has been a choice of Tegna to cover the last couple Olympics.  And with his resume, you’ll likely see him again in PyeongChang.

When I talk to students or journalists in their first job, I often urge them to learn everything.  Don’t pigeonhole yourself into a single role or spot — try to use the experience and time to branch out and expand your skills.  The more you can do, the more valuable you’ll be to an employer.

I jumped on a Google Hangout with Dave to talk about how he’s adapted throughout his career and diversified his skillset.  It’s what makes him a key player in his newsroom and someone we can all learn from…

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