TV Treks: Sports Turned News Anchor Does It All

Want to make an impact in a television newsroom? Be able to do it all.  And well.

That’s one of the reasons KARE-TV’s Dave Schwartz has found success during his 15 year broadcasting career. As our business has changed and evolved, so has he.


He’s one of the few people you’ll find in the country who anchors both sports and news.  He can shoot, edit, story-tell, anchor, and write.  He also knows how to make an impact on social media and is a definite “must follow” in his market.

For all those reasons, Dave has been a choice of Tegna to cover the last couple Olympics.  And with his resume, you’ll likely see him again in PyeongChang.

When I talk to students or journalists in their first job, I often urge them to learn everything.  Don’t pigeonhole yourself into a single role or spot — try to use the experience and time to branch out and expand your skills.  The more you can do, the more valuable you’ll be to an employer.

I jumped on a Google Hangout with Dave to talk about how he’s adapted throughout his career and diversified his skillset.  It’s what makes him a key player in his newsroom and someone we can all learn from…

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