You’re the King of Sinful SOTs

“What’s a sinful SOT, Dad?” as she reached for my thumb.

Ah, the teachable moment had finally come.

“Come here, let me tell you a story I’ve learned.

A crutch that in newscasts has got to be burned.

At times, our crews just get sound from a cop

Or a chief, PIO, the folks at the top.

Sinful SOTs just tell facts, no emotion involved

Boring moments that producers simply can solve

By using sound that the viewers can feel through their set

Sound with happiness, fear, or shock or regret.

If our friends with a badge simply list out the facts,

We don’t need their voice. Facts belong in our tracks.

This may leave your rundown with a 10-second hole,

But newscasts will be better and that is the goal.

So say no to those SOTs, and this is the reason:

Don’t be labeled a Grinch this holiday season.”

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