‘I can do it:’ Latina media manager changes community with Spanish digital series

The following text has been republished with permission from author Kamara Daughtry of lookweareincluded.com. It highlights Nexstar Media Group’s Dalisa Robles of WNCT.

One media manager in North Carolina is taking the digital wave to another level by producing her own Spanish segment at her local television station.

Dalisa Michelle Robles-Iglesias, a Digital Media Manager at WNCT created a Spanish series called “Minuto a Minuto”, which discusses the latest news in the east area of North Carolina in about one minute.

Robles-Iglesias recently did a Facebook live interview inside a Facebook group for journalists, where she detailed the need for Hispanic representation on television. During the interview Robles-Iglesias said due to the growing Hispanic population in her area, a Spanish-tailored segment was needed to ensure everyone was represented equally.

You can click here to read the Q&A on weareincluded.com. 

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