Opinion: It’s Time to End the Babe Bracket

Ask most listeners of “The Show with No Name” on 103.7 The Buzz about the Babe Bracket and they’ll tell you it’s all in good fun. They’ll say it’s meant to be harmless. But the days of referring to educated women who serve as role models to our children as “babes” are over. It’s time to evolve with the times.

At the end of last year, I heard show host Tommy Smith say he wanted to end the bracket.  For those who might not be familiar with the practice, the popular show plots 16 local television journalists on a bracket and allows listeners to decide who makes it to the next round.  Since making that announcement, Tommy has seemingly waffled on whether to put a definitive stop to this longtime March tradition.

2017 Babe Bracket from 1037thebuzz.com

You should know I’m a fan of “The Show With No Name.” For the last 6 years, Tommy, Roger, David, and R.J. have served as the soundtrack to my drive to work. Like you, I laugh at Wrestling Man, wait for Sterling’s “Truth,” and wish Fake Lou Holtz was still around. The team does great work on the radio, an exceptional job spotlighting area events and happenings, and has essentially become a marketing tool for what’s good in Arkansas.

For all those reasons, it’s even more important they dump the Babe Bracket.

Let use this recent clip from KATV and Meteorologist Melinda Mayo as an example. It’s been viewed nearly 200,000 times and is labeled “a message to all young girls.”  Take a minute to watch it if you haven’t already seen it.

Powerful stuff.  Kudos to KATV Promotions Director Alan Snyder on the impactful message.

So are we going to go from that clip to putting Melinda Mayo in the Babe Bracket? I don’t think so.

Over the last year, we’ve seen a movement aimed at transforming the way society views women.  The days of blatant objectification of women are ending.  And at the end of the day, whether it’s meant to be harmless or not, that’s what this is…

As I noted above, “The Show With No Name” and 103.7 The Buzz do an outstanding job highlighting the positive in Arkansas.  If you want to celebrate the women of local television, let’s focus on their efforts to get foster children into permanent homes, raise awareness for colon cancer, promote area groups making a difference, and tell stories that transform our state for the better.  Let’s spotlight the fact they’re scientists, working moms, law school students, church leaders, and motivational speakers.

They deserve to be celebrated — just not like this.

Make the right call, Tommy and team.  It’s time to end the Babe Bracket.

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26 thoughts on “Opinion: It’s Time to End the Babe Bracket

  1. Do women wish to be found attractive? Can beauty or attractiveness be celebrated? Why does the show have to recognize these women for their accomplishments as professionals when other outlets already do? Are you a women? Do you know how it feels to be objectified? Do you know if all of the women who are recognized feel objectified? Are you offended by the contest and Why? Isnt being offended a choice? Should i have to change who i am because you are offended?
    On the show you said the contest disrespects the intelligence of these women? How? I’m just asking these questions to have a better understanding of your position. You said many things but did not explain.


  2. Political correctness once again rules the roost
    It’s pretty simple, if you don’t like it change the station. I think most ” strong ” women have zero issues with their beauty being recognized. Otherwise why spend all that time in a mirror making your self look fantastic !!! Don’t shove your views down my throat


    1. No, asshole. It’s not about political correctness. It’s about the fact that women should not be vetted against one another based on how “hot they are”. That is so absolutely ridiculous. It goes both ways…you’re a sexist pig? Keep that shit to yourself. The only thing I want shoved down my throat is attached to my husband – not BS from a guy who has short dick syndrome.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So men should not choose pursue a woman based on his attraction for her? Don’t men “vet” women as they pursue courtship? Why is it ridiculous to state how you feel about the attractiveness of another. Don’t we express our opinions about the art the people make? Why have the Oscars if it is getting actors and actresses based on their abilities? Also, why is name calling necessary in your defense? What does it accomplish?


  3. I don’t understand the problem with the Babe Bracket. I don’t think it’s demeaning; the strong ladies that have been nominated and voted on in their brackets, are mostly getting votes based on their intelligence, their job success, particularly local TV personalities, with the winners being extremely proud of their achievement. If you want to look at something demeaning… look at stupid shows like The Bachelor! How is this still on TV?


    1. Another ignorant mansplainer. I have a dick and KNOW NOTHING ABOUT the way women are objectified or pitted against one another, but I am all-knowing on the topic. You’re right. You don’t understand. At all.

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      1. If you are going to call someone ignorant, provide a rationale. You say that women are objectified but do not provide any logic as to why. Please explain your position by providing a defense. Your statements are general and assuming that all women think the same way you do. The issue is that there is no way to prove the entirety of your genders perspective. Singular though is dangerous because it leads to intolerance. Are you Okay with living in a Marxist society? You are if you want everyone to think the way you do.


  4. You can start with ending your own Babe Bracket. Look at the line up of reporters and anchors at your own station. Your station clearly has a hiring practice of “babes only”. In fact, most TV News stations do the same thing. Hiring only young, beautiful women is so prolific, one can easily make a bracketed contest out of it, that can run for 20yrs. What a hypocrite. You’re callling out a radio station because they highlight something your station embraces: Hiring people based on their looks. I’m sure all your reporters and anchors are qualified journalists and meteorologists, but I’m also sure a lot of other qualified applicants who didn’t have the looks, were never called back. You want to change the World, start in your own backyard.


      1. I don’t have to explain how the babe bracket isn’t demeaning because I never made such a claim. I was asking for a better understanding which you did not provide. You stated that I am a male. Why is that relevant in my pursuit of understanding your position. What is the joke? I don’t find it funny that I am in pursuit of the truth. Why are you hostile towards my questioning? Is it poor taste to ask questions when you don’t understand someone’s perspective?


      2. Is it fair to assume all men from Arkansas share the same views as those who post comments on this particular blog piece? What makes you think southern men are supposed to be gentleman? What makes southern men stupid? Is it because they offer a different opinion? What about women who share the same opinion as the “stupid” males on these blog posts? Are they also stupid? What gives you the right to determine who is stupid?


  5. Wah wah wah!
    Let’s all, men, women, children, dress in baggy sweat suits, hoods on, fully covered except the eyes. Black flat soled shoes. North Korean prison garb. Equal Smeaqual !


      1. Why do you assume that his daughter would feel objectified? What is wrong with people? What makes a state backwards?


  6. Austin kellerman, would you chime in on this discussion? I’m trying to become enlightened by your views but those who agree with you are purely utilizing fallacies that do not help collaboration. The name calling and generalizations are not helping in validating this perspective. Plus, I think your insight could inspire peaceful dialogue.


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