Let’s “Earn The Day” in 2018

I sent this note out to our team at the beginning of the new year.  It’s intended for a newsroom, but it’s applicable far beyond.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve worked together to cover some of the biggest stories Arkansas has seen in the last decade. In most cases, we produced market-best coverage that will be recognized later this year when Murrows and Emmys are announced.

Bottom line: 2017 was a strong year for #Team20. It also took its toll on us — physically, emotionally, and mentally.

But a new year brings new opportunity and the chance to start fresh.

In 2018, I’m going to challenge you to focus on your effort one day at a time. Let’s not lean on a strong performance we gave last week or last month. Instead, let’s concentrate on what we’ll give that day. What will you do to succeed that day? How will you stand out on your shift? What will you bring to the job that day that separates yourself from everyone else?

Each day we receive is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to showcase our skills, serve our viewers, and improve ourselves. Every single day.

Each day is also a gift. What will you do to earn it? How will you earn today?

That’s what I’ll be focusing on each day in 2018. At the close of the day, I want to be able to single out an accomplishment or two (whether big or small) that I earned during the course of the day. I challenge you to do the same.

Let’s work together to earn each day of the new year.

Here’s to 2018!

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