Arkansas AD Hire: How We Got It Wrong

When the news came out Monday about the hiring of Houston’s Hunter Yurachek as the new athletic director at the University of Arkansas, the stinging social media posts started coming our way. And they were well deserved.

What about Tulsa’s Derrick Gragg? Didn’t you report he’d be named athletic director?

Yes we did. And we got it wrong.

The Pig Trail Nation team has decades of experience covering Arkansas athletics, and a reputation of accurate reporting. Our folks have some excellent sources that have given them spot-on information on numerous major developments — sources that haven’t ever been wrong. We still have every reason to believe that Gragg was a top candidate for the position and that some key folks felt his hire was imminent.

The big question we should have more carefully considered: Who was in charge?

Arkansas’ hiring process for AD and head coach has been described as chaotic. In a situation like that, it’s tough to know who’s pulling the strings. It seems some of the people who thought they were in the middle of the decision-making process actually weren’t. And that’s where things went wrong.

We cited “sources,” but our confidential, respectable sources aren’t to blame. At the end of the day, this one comes back on us. We put it out there. We need to take the blame.

We should’ve done a better job recognizing the nuances of the circumstances, reading the room, and layering our sources. Over the next few days, we’ll work to assess exactly what happened, how it happened, and improve our process for reporting information quickly and accurately.

We pride ourselves on being right. This time we weren’t.

To those who trust us for their Razorback news, we apologize, and we are learning from this.

You win some and you lose some. This one was an L.

But today marked a new start in Arkansas athletics. It’s a new era: one where there will be plenty of wins for the Hogs and the Razorba…Pig Trail Nation.

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7 thoughts on “Arkansas AD Hire: How We Got It Wrong

  1. Can someone convince Mike Irwin to stop whining about it, now? Please? If he wanted the scoop, he should’ve been pounding the phones instead of sitting on his ass waiting for his to ring. He droned on for several minutes about the story breaking in Houston first. He talked like Arkansas sports media is entitled to break the story first.

    Well. You did. You were just wrong. Arkansas sports media is pathetically lazy.

    Irwin; toughen up buttercup.


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