Tragedy Shared on Social Media: “She was Fiercely Loved”

Whether it’s viral videos, overhead cooking clips, or motivational moments, social media has a way of sucking you in. One minute you’re scrolling through your phone without anything to do. After 30 minutes, you look up at the clock and wonder where time went.

Sometimes, you find yourself scrolling through videos or stories of people you don’t know. For whatever reason, you get stuck in their world. You follow along like you know them.

That’s exactly what happened to me this weekend.

A few of my friends in the Shreveport, Louisiana area started sharing the posts of Morgan White Grantham. She and her daughter were in a car accident on Sunday, November 19. Her daughter, who they lovingly called “Katie Bug,” was critically injured in the wreck.

I first saw Morgan’s posts a few days after the accident. She was strong, optimistic, and hopeful. Morgan and her family held onto their faith despite the tragedy in front of them. They shared their journey on Facebook.

As the father of a 6-year-old, I could put myself in Morgan’s shoes. As you read the posts, you couldn’t help but root for little Katie. Thousands of comments came in with each post. People across the country were praying for this little girl.

But not all stories end the way you want.

Life isn’t always full of happy endings.

When I read Morgan’s last post, it hurt. I had to take a few minutes to collect my thoughts.  I hugged and kissed my daughter. Why didn’t this story have a happy ending? Why this little girl?

I was also inspired. It was this line that got me: “We will never be the same but we WILL HONOR HER.”

What faith. What courage. What strength.

I look forward to seeing what this family does to honor Katie — and, along with the thousands of others who shared her story and followed her journey to heaven, welcome the opportunity to lend a helping hand when that time comes.

Stay strong mom. Stay strong dad.

“She was Fiercely Loved”

Update: Here’s what you can do to honor Katie and spread kindness in her name #HonoringKatieBug

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20 thoughts on “Tragedy Shared on Social Media: “She was Fiercely Loved”

  1. In the midst of such tragedy, this angel has given us each a glimmer of God’s greatness! Her family’s strength, the unity of so many strangers, the love and Faith of God and the promise of heaven! RIP Katie Bug!

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    1. I too became aware of this story through Facebook. I couldn’t stop thinking about this family and what pain they must have been feeling. I didn’t see the story until the day after Thanksgiving, there was still hope for a miracle at that point.
      I live in Benton LA, I have been at that very stoplight many times. When I read where it happened I just wondered how that could have happened. How does someone run a red light???
      My spouse said to me last night, after hearing about Katie’s passing, “you are really affected by this aren’t you?” I replied, “yes, I just can’t quit thinking about it.” It’s like I knew them, I was so broken hearted, hurting for this family. I texted my friend, who was following the story as well. She said when she heard the news she broke down and cried. We are both mothers, I think we immediately put ourselves in the mindset of what we would do if that happened to our child, we would want to die.
      My take aways from this tragedy are to treat each day as if it could be your last. Don’t leave an I love you left unsaid. Don’t leave upset. Be patient with your children and know that each day with them is truly a gift. You just never know what the day holds.
      This morning, during the morning rush of getting out the kids out the door to school I caught myself taking a moment remembering to be patient with my sweet boy and not so stressed. I actually stopped in my tracts and thought of Katie and her family, and apologized quietly…even though nobody was in the room.
      I think that if everyone who was touched by Katie’s story can take away a life lesson, just as I did, then Katie’s legacy will live on.

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      1. Melissa,
        I followed the story of this precious family from day one…a couple in our church in Flint, Texas is he Father of Katie bugs daddy, Kurk.
        Your post blessed me, and encouraged me.
        Thank you, and God bless you and your family.


  2. Thank you for this beautiful story about Katie Bug and her family. I’m ready to continue to stand with this family and to HONOR HER. May we all be a little kinder, more patient and strive to be a better witness to others like Morgan and Kirk. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine, LET IT SHINE!!!! That is exactly what Katie did. Now she is an angel in heaven and when I look up at the stars at night I’ll look for her bright star. We love you Katie Bug and we’re gonna continue to love your family.

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  3. I know this family and have had the privilege to take care of them when they needed a sitter
    Katie bug was full of life and you can’t help but love her and her brother
    She loved him so much and was full of intrigue for Gods little creatures . She loved watching the grinch (original cartoon version ) she will forever be in my heart and will forever be missed but someday I will see her precious face again .

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  4. Our God is an awesome God! As friends hold your hands firmly through this valley, feel Him holding your heart gently. Katie has given the greatest gift- life to others. Sorrow cuts , but we will pray as you heal.

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  5. Sweet Katie has changed so many lives!! Her parents have also changed so many lives!! I feel that many will walk closer to JESUS and so many will love more❤️ As a result of that people will give their life to JESUS and have eternal life!! We don’t see THE BIG PICTURE!! One day we may know how PRECIOUS KATIE was taken to save THOUSANDS OF SOULS!! At this time I know this does not stop the horrible pain in her mommy and daddy 😢 WHY KATIE they must feel😢 I don’t know and I pray along with others we will continue to pray for their pain! My life will never be the same even though I did not know you!! I spent everyday after your accident praying for a KATIE MIRACLE as so many did. I could not shop as I have always done after Thanksgiving because I just wanted to be STILL AND QUITE!! On Sunday after church I went to Dillard’s. I walked around really in a daze wanting to hear an update on Katie. I met a sweet lady and started talking. We both commented we had missed most of the sales but JUST COULD NOT BE OUT SHOPPING! As I walked away I felt we meant the same reason😢 It was only 5 min. Later and she found me in the store and ask me my reason and we both hugged!! She then said she had just received a text from her sister SWEET KATIE HAS PASSED!! This stranger and I hugged in Dillard’s with tears and heartache!! She did not know the family nor did I but both loved them!! KATIE MADE AN IMPACK ON THE WORLD!!! SO MANY WILL NEVER FORGET HER!! Much love and prayers to her family!

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  6. Thanksgiving in our culture is a time to acknowledge and be reminded of the many things in life that are blessings in the face of any negatives. This week through social media our world followed the journey that no family should ever endure. Through this social media we were allowed to come to know and love this family some have never actually meet. With daily updates and photos we were able to share the past, the present, and only imagine the future, of their most intimate joys, love and loss. We came together as a community to pray for healing and comfort. And perhaps, through the many response and sharing, to let them know that they are loved and supported. To hopefully provide some tiny bit of comfort to a family hurt and suffering such a great loss. Their strength and love is an inspiration. Thank you for the gift you gave in sharing Katie-Bug with us. She will forever be a part of our hearts.


  7. I had the honor of working with Katies dad, Dr. Grantham, several years ago. Morgan was pregnant with Katie when he left. Such a sweet christian family. As a christian I always ask myself, is my faith strong enough to weather the storm when tragedy hits. No doubt there’s was and is. Thank you for this article. This family is loved and prayed for daily in our small community here. They have touched so many lifes. And most of us have felt the heartbreak this past week and still do. But we kow that there will be blessings that follow this terrible ending. And as a result so many more will come to k ow christ. I know my faith is stronger because of the faith they displayed thru this!


  8. I too did not know this family but feel so close to them through this tragedy. I can only imagine how their hearts are hurting. I do know that out of all tragedies there is good that comes. We can’t see it now but giving life to others with organ donations and knowing that this sweet child will live on in someone else’s life. This famlly has been in my thoughts and prayers daily and I pray that God will continue to give them strength to go on. Their faith is strong and I know that they know that God is Good and he welcomed Katie with open arms.


  9. Prayers for your family. Your story brought tears to my eyes. I pray for your healing and I pray that God puts his loving arms around you while you go through this process. Hold on to your memories of Katie. You will cherish them all.


  10. I too did not really know the minor Katie but see the dad at work from time to time. Such a great man! I am only too sure that his wife and Katie are just as great! I too think about her everyday and have been greatly inspired by Mom and dads grace and love! I drive by that insteraextion twice a day…sometimes more…she is always in my thoughts! Reminded to slow down and enjoy each moment ,,each laugh, each cry…just to hold tight and enjoy everyday! Because of u Katie I will reflect everyday at that intersection on life and think of you! Much love to ur family! Hold tight to Jesus baby girl and continue to dance and laugh with him!!


  11. Deeply sadden, I never had the pleasure of meeting little Katie, but these past weeks I’ve grown very attached to her. You should all be so honored that you got to spend the little time you had with each other and embrace my all the love y’all shared and treasure it forever. She will always be in our hearts. May God Bless all of you and keep Katie in our hearts.
    Alice & Niel


  12. I went to high school with Morgan and cooper and still see cooper from time to time and they are wonderful people. I never met Katie but I love her and mourn her and pray for her family during this impossible time. Like any others I followed this tragic story in Facebook just praying for good news, for a miracle. When I read about her passing I just said “no,no,no”. Life is too short and we need to just slow down sometimes and remember. God bless this family !!!!


  13. I attended dance lessons run by Morgan’s grandparents, Marvin and Kay White, and Katie would come running into the hall and give us all a show with her happy smile. What a lovely memory for all of us dancers. God bless you White and Grantham families.


  14. The sermon at my church in Pa. this past Sunday, was given by a young mother who had recently lost her unborn child…I thought, ok God…here we go..this is for all of us who are mourning the loss of this precious child, Katie…She started with Who is God? And where was He during this tragedy? Her points were, God’s goodness, does not depend on our outcome, but How can we turn our prison, into a pulpit for others, when we take our ashes, and turn them into riches for His kingdom and His glory. …Morgan’s mom, Teresa and I grew up together, best friends for so many years…and my phone has monthly pictures of Katie, and Gavin from birth. The joy and love shared by this family is evident in every single picture…When I witnessed their strength, and love thru every minute of this tradgedy, I knew that only Jesus living in them could carry them by such a powerful witness by their faith in Him. And along side this, thru all the facebook post, I saw a WHOLE NATION of PRAYING CHRISTIAN SAINTS, who came along side them to lift up sweet Katie, and stand beside them. The bible says, that when Job was at his lowest, after all his children had been lost, his friends came and sat with him, SILENT, for one week , to keep his vigil as they mourned His loss. That is what happened this past week. My faith has been renewed in our nation as a whole…I saw that there are vibrant Christians plentiful, in spite of what the media would portray as a nation devoid of morals, a glass half empty. I am hopeful for out nation again, and for God’s church in our nation. So, Katie Bug, and her precious family, have sown their net far and wide , a walking testimony for our Heavenly Father, and His Son Jesus, who paid our sin debt one time, by His blood at the cross, which reconciles us back to Our Father for eternity…He will say, to them, “Well done, good and faithful servants!” Praise be to God Almighty!” AMEN!


  15. There are no words to express how it is to love someone with all of your heart and them lose them. May G-d’s peace help ya’ll till that great day until you meet again.


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