I Did 300 Push-ups a Day for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened

Spoiler: I got bigger — in both good and bad ways.

During the month of June, I decided to join KARK personalities Aaron Nolan and D.J. Williams in what we called the #300for300 challenge. Each day, we did 300 push-ups to raise awareness for the nearly 300 young adults who annually age out of Arkansas’ foster care system. Following the daily effort, we’d challenge others to participate and spread the campaign via social media.

Before it was said and done, hundreds of people participated in Arkansas and well beyond (including Rome and Paris).

Now back to the physical aspect…


Something I didn’t expect: I gained weight. About halfway through the month, I stepped on the scale and found I was up about 10 pounds. I generally started my mornings with the push-ups and figured it was an appropriate substitute for cardio. Not true. I also ate and drank what I wanted, and that was reflected on the scale. Soon after, I adjusted my diet and was able to get the added weight off.

I also gained strength. I had been in a rut in the gym over the last few months — lifting some 10% under my personal records. This was a nice change of pace that helped me regain some muscle. This month, I’ve been at or increased my PRs.

Above all, the campaign forced me to focus and commit to a goal. I think we all need that every once in awhile, right? A little personal discipline can go a long way in all aspects of life.

The next challenge: 60 days of Whole 30. That means no dairy, bread, processed food, or BEER! I’m on day 34 and have been strict with the exception of a few glasses of organic red wine. Wish me luck!

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