Take Time to Rediscover Your Passion

Want to get re-energized about the work you do? Rediscover the passion you had when you first broke in? Talk to the people just starting their careers.

This past weekend, we hosted 26 journalists in Little Rock for a Nexstar Media Group Regional Training Day. While some of the participants were far more experienced than I am, many were just months on the job. They’re my favorites.

They have drive. Jaded isn’t in their vocabulary. Everything is new and exciting. They’re hungry!


The goal of the day-long training session is to arm participating journalists with knowledge to be better at their jobs, improve their stations, and ultimately grow their careers inside the company. Hopefully, that happens for many of them.

For me, hosting is a little selfish. It’s always an opportunity to get inspired and remember why I signed up for this business in the first place. It’s a chance to break out of the grind and see my job through fresh eyes.

And for that reason (selfishly), we’ll do it again next year!

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