Off the record in DC, guide to going viral, new jobs

We’ll kick things off with new listings for digital jobs in Nexstar Media Group. As you’ll see, that includes positions at the new News Nation project taking place at WGN America.

A big shout-out to the team at WFLA for providing streaming coverage throughout the impeachment proceedings. This effort collected hundreds of thousands of views across Nexstar websites. We’re particularly appreciative for the effort of political reporter Evan Donovan. He anchored the coverage from start to finish!

Our Nexstar team working Super Bowl coverage absolutely nailed it! From more than 1,500 live shots to more than 250 articles for our Big Game sections, it was a heck of an effort with record-breaking results. A special thanks to the team in Miami working very long days.

After recalling that FOX opened the 2017 Super Bowl with a patriotic segment that did really well on social (when I was in Arkansas, we posted it to Facebook because it was set to a tune by Arkansan Johnny Cash), I decided to clip this year’s open. Same song. Same results.

What I didn’t anticipate? The clip got picked up in a number of articles focusing on the message many felt it sent to Colin Kaepernick and his supporters.

Nevertheless, this goes back to a popular theory I’ve passed along that you always want to find a voice in big story coverage.

Speaking of “going viral,” I want to pass along a great podcast sent my way by Alyssa Orange. It’s The Mike Dillard Podcast and an episode focused on how to go viral on social media. Rob Dial talks about how he’s built a massive following over the last few years. It’s a fantastic listen for anyone who works in the social space.

The State of the Union was something else. Before that happened, Nexstar’s Anna Wiernicki attended an off-the-record lunch with President Trump. It was disappointing to see some of things discussed at the table made it into national publications. I’m proud of Anna for representing the company so well.

Some have argued it’s no big deal for those in attendance to give the information to someone else for publication. I’m not a big fan of that…

We’ll end this week with a shout-out to Hunstville’s Ben Smith. You love to see stuff like this! We can all get caught up in the grind, but you occassionally get a reminder that you can make an impact…even if it may feel small.

Thanks for the reminder Ben!

New for 2020, I’ll be sharing the social posts that caught my attention each week.  Some of the content may have been posted by me — or it might have come from your social channels.

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