Super Bowl coverage, KTLA thanks

We have an awesome crew headed down to the Super Bowl in Miami. As part of the companywide plan, there will be daily live streams from radio row. Follow our folks on Twitter for some unique insight from Super Bowl week:

One guy I’ll be cheering for on Super Bowl Sunday is Dre Greenlaw. When I worked in Arkansas, we followed his story from foster care to adoption to standout college football player. Next week, he’ll get a chance to play in the biggest game possible. How awesome!

Huge thanks to Olsen Ebright and Melissa Pamer of KTLA for passing along their secrets to success as part of a companywide webinar this week. They broke down their training initiatives, communication techniques in the newsroom and strategies for various platforms. It was a great session with tons of feedback!

Here’s a look at some of the digital job openings we have this week across the company:

New for 2020, I’ll be sharing the social posts that caught my attention each week.  Some of the content may have been posted by me β€” or it might have come from your social channels.

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