Salute to service, wild weather, Nexstar job openings

Let’s kick things off with a salute to service and props to Nexstar’s Monica Ricci. In addition to being a digital reporter at WWLP in Springfield, Mass., she’s a member of the U.S. Air Force. Congrats on her promotion to kick off 2020 — and a big thanks for your service to our nation!

Friday into Saturday was exactly as predicted. We saw damage from Texas to Mississippi — and the system is still on the move. Thanks to the meteorologists, reporters, producers, photographers and production staffs who worked overnight to ensure the public was safe.

Don’t think I could’ve predicted this one — Nexstar signed a new deal with Nielsen to serve our company into the future. If you’re familiar with the background on this one, the news is a really big deal!

We want to welcome Chris Lundberg to the #NexstarNation as the new digital executive producer at New Haven’s WTNH. If you’d like to join the team, we’d love to have you! Here are some of our new openings this week:

And if you’re a reporter looking for a unique opportunity where you’ll learn and grow, check out this post from Wes Rapaport. I’ve worked closely with Wes and the team in Austin; this is sure to be a job you’ll love!

A tweet Andra Litton of KTSM spotted online ended up turning into a massive story that resulted in a lengthy segment on the Today Show. Props to Andra for finding it and then turning it into something much bigger!

As a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys, this week was all about change — which I believe was a good thing. However, we can’t forget there are real people behind the headlines. And as Babe Laufenburg reminds us, sometimes those people are as good as it gets.

New for 2020, I’ll be sharing the social posts that caught my attention each week.  Some of the content may have been posted by me — or it might have come from your social channels.

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